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Emmet Automotive Supply: Best Truck and Car Batteries

The climate in Petoskey means testing your automobile battery life frequently. When it's time for a new battery, Emmet Automotive Supply has a battery to meet virtually any need. Call us today at 231-347-5980!

New cars and trucks with advanced computer systems rely on the car battery to operate at peak performance. To meet this growing need, battery manufacturers field-test their batteries to ensure outstanding quality. However, most offer only limited warranties. Battery Cost and Longevity

Car batteries are classified by how long they will last. They usually fall into three categories; 18 months, 36 months and 42 months. As a general rule, the cost of a car battery usually increases based on how long it will last.

Many car batteries offer special features tailored to a car owner's driving needs such as a "Flooded Filler Cap". Special features may increase the cost of a car battery but provide worry-free benefits such as Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology. AGM is a no-maintenance battery engineered with safety and longevity in mind.

High-performance car drivers may prefer a battery designed to be highly charge-receptive with high-cycling capabilities that support aggressive stopping and starting.

For trucks, ask us at Emmet Automotive Supply about specialty batteries that protect against a truck battery's worst enemy -- road vibration. Specialty truck batteries minimize road vibration and are engineered for corrosion resistance.

Car Batteries
Are you aware that an automotive battery needs to be checked every few years? This is true no matter how often you take your car for maintenance. When the time for battery check comes around, most car owners don't have the time. At Emmet Automotive Supply, we will check your battery and help you determine whether your car needs a new battery or not. Call 231-347-5980 or visit us today.


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